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Evo-Stik Hard Plastic Adhesive 3g


  • Model: EV Hard Plastic Adhesive
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  • Manufactured by: EVO-STIK BOSTIK

Evo-Stik Hard Plastic Adhesive is specially designed for bonding hard plastics. It is a single part, fast curing adhesive which bonds in seconds without the need for heat or hardener. Before using this product refer to the relevant Health & Safety Data Sheet.

Economical in use (one drop bonds 5-10cm).
High tensile strength.
Instant strong bond.
Non clog nozzle.
Long nozzle for detailed applications.
Specially formulated for bonding rigid plastics such as: PVCu, ABS, clear acrylics and many other hard plastics.

Product Characteristics

Colour: Clear.
Form: Thin liquid.
Odour: Pungent.
Specific Gravity: 1.1 approx.
Composition: Cyanoacrylate.
Solids Content: 100%.
Product Code: 300088 3g tube x6 blister.
Shelf life/storage: 12 months unopened from date of manufacture. Store in dry conditions between 5C and 25C.

Typical Performance Data (approx.)

Application Temp: +10C to +35C.

Temperature Resistance :-20C to +80C. Will withstand temperatures up to 100C for short periods.

Water Resistance: Good. After a few weeks the shear strength decreases gradually.

Petrol Resistance: Good.

Directions for use

Before using Evo-Stik Hard Plastic Adhesive refer to the
relevant Health & Safety Data Sheet. Available at named as the code above.

1. Work on a protected surface as any spillages are very difficult to remove, particularly form sensitive surfaces like fabrics and skin.
2. Make sure all surfaces to be bonded are close fitting, clean and dry.
3. Ensure that the bottle is held upright and pointing
away from you.

1. Unscrew the cap.
2. Very carefully apply a small amount of Evo-Stik Hard Plastic Adhesive to one surface only (typically apply one drop of adhesive for each 5-10cm of
substrate to be bonded).
3. Bring the surfaces together and hold firmly for approximately 30 seconds. (Full strength is achieved in approximately 12 hours.)
4. Replace the cap firmly after use, taking care not to leave Evo-Stik Hard Plastic Adhesive between the cap and the nozzle. Store upright. The container is
purposely only part full as the air above the adhesive stabilizes it. This air space in the bottle reduces the chance of accidental spillages.

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