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Ambergrease Sil (Greasil 4000) 100g


  • Model: Ambergrease Sil 100g
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  • Manufactured by: Ambersil




Ambersil Ambergrease Sil (Greasil 4000) 100gHigh quality, pure, silicone grease which is water repellent and non-melting. As an anti-tracking, anti-arcing coating, it will protect electrical systems. It can also be used as a multipurpose lubricating agent in a wide variety of industries.






  • Clear, colourless silicone, NLGI grade 2 grease
  • Suitable for waterproofing all types of electrical systems
  • Anti-Tracking, Water repellent
  • Insoluble in water, alcohol, diluted acids and alkalis
  • Excellent dielectric resistance
  • No effects on rubber, plastic and metals
  • 4-ball weld load of 200Kg
  • No adverse effects on rubber, plastic and metals
  • Temperature range: -50°C to +220°C
  • Handy 100ml tube


Ideal for electric motor spindle lubrication or to protect electronics from atmospheric moisture. Use on rubber ‘o’-rings to prevent cracking or degradation.

Electrical Servicing



  • Anti-tracking, anti-corona discharge coating
  • Waterproofing all types of electric systems
  • Protection of switch gear, distributors
  • Easing cables into conduits

Lubrication of



  • Instruments subjected to high or low temperatures
  • Centrifuge and autoclave lid seals
  • Cold room trolley castors
  • Conditioning devices
  • Conveyor chains
  • Glass and ceramic stop-cocks and glands

O-Ring and Rubber Seal Assembly



  • Pneumatic, automotive and compressed air systems
  • Plastic plumbing systems




  • Shell moulding-for the pre-treatment of pattern plates
  • Ingot moulding for brass, aluminium and silver


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