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LPS TECHLUBE FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant Part # 61705


  • Model: LPS TECHLUBE FO 61705
  • Shipping Weight: 20Kgs
  • Manufactured by: LPS

LPS TECHLUBE FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant Summer Grade Part # 61705
18.9 liters
A water-based gel lubricant formulated to provide maximum friction reduction for high shear, difficult telecommunication cable pulling operations
From LPS


  • Biodegradable
  • Water-based, pourable, low viscosity lubricant
  • Coats evenly and clings to the cable
  • Superior lubricating film
  • Compatible with all types of cable jackets, inner duct, and conduit
  • Coats fiber optic cables & coaxial cables
  • Will not “cement” the cable to the bottom of the conduit
  • Available in both winter and summer grade formulas

Applicable for the below material for Fiber Optic cable.
  • Low density polyethylene
  • Linear low density polyethylene
  • Cross link polyethylene

Direction of Usages

 Lubricant needed to install cable: Any attempt to quantify exactly the amount of lubricant that is needed on an individual installation will fall short of being accurate. In general, experience has revealed that some valid assumptions can be made. Formulas are presented below that have been found to be acceptable for most installations. However, there are field conditions which may require more lubricant than the formulas provide. Knowledge of specific local conditions and experience has proven to be the best judge in these cases.

Metric Formula for cable application

1. For plastic conduit (PVC, ABS, Polyethylene) use the following:
Q= 0.0080 x L x D

2. For multiple concrete, clay tile, fiber cement,fiber filled, and wood conduit use the following:
Q= 0.0120 x L x D

Q = Amount of Techlube FO and WFO needed in liters.
L = The total length of the pull in meters.
D = The inside diameter of the individual conduit in centimeters

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