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Atago Master-2M Handheld Refractometer, Manual, Brix 28.0 - 62.0


  • Model: Atago Master-2M
  • Shipping Weight: 0.35Kgs
  • Manufactured by: ATAGO - Japan

Atago Master-2M Handheld Refractometer, Manual, Brix 28.0 - 62.0%

MASTER-2M / MASTER-2PM are mid-range (measurement range Brix 28.0 to 62.0%) model of the MASTER-M / MASTER-PM. MASTER-2M / MASTER-2PM are the successor model to the conventional N-2E. The MASTER-M series is a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually. Not equipped with the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature.


The MASTER-2M is made of metal.


  • Portable analog refractometer.
  • For use in determining the sucrose level in liquid, fruit juice, syrup, sauces.


  • Scale Range : Brix 28.0% -62.0%
  • Minimum scale : 0.2%
  • Size & Weight: 3.23.420.3cm, 155g

Degrees Brix (symbol Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the strength of the solution as percentage by weight (% w/w). If the solution contains dissolved solids other than pure sucrose, then the Bx only approximates the dissolved solid content. The Bx is traditionally used in the wine, sugar, fruit juice, and honey industries

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