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Growth Technology Citrus Focus 5 Liters (Lime, Orange, Kumquat ,


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Growth Technology Citrus Focus 5 Liters (Lime, Orange, Kumquat , Pomelo, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Fertiliser)


Growth Technology Citrus Focus 5L 

Specifically formulated nutrition for citrus plants (Lime, Orange, Kumquat , Pomelo, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Fertiliser)

Citrus Focus is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of citrus plants in containers.

Citrus as a group includes oranges, lemons, mandarins and tangerines. In the UK they are usually grown in containers in the greenhouse or conservatory. Citrus are long-lived plants and may occupy the same pot for many years. The high levels of humic and fulvic acids in Citrus Focus are designed to increase and maintain soil fertility in pots and containers over long periods.

Instructions for Use

Oranges .Lemons . Grapefruit . Tangerines . Mandarins . Limes.

Mix 10ml Citrus Focus per liter of clean water.

Feed plants weekly during the growing season.

If leaves are pale and yellow, increase frequency of use.

Citrus Focus

Compound fluid fertilizer containing calcium oxide and trace elements.

2.3:1.2:3.8                     5 Liters  5.51kg

Analysis                                     %w/v

Nitrogen (N)                                     2.34

         Nitrate nitrogen                       2.26

         Ammoniacal nitrogen               0.08

Phosphorus pentoxide            

        (P2O3)water soluble (P)              1.22(0.53)

Potassium oxide (K2O)(K)                   3.82(3.17)

Calcium Oxide (CaO)(Ca)                   1.54(1.10)

Copper (Cu) chelated by EDTA           0.0002

Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA                 0.040

Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA    0.010

Molybdenum (Mo)                                0.001

Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA                  0.0025

Also contains:                    

magnesium, sulphur, boron, cobalt, nickel, humic acid, fulvic acid

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