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AZUD HELIX SYSTEM 2"/50mm Manual Filter 100micron/150mesh


  • Model: 17A2NRH8
  • Shipping Weight: 12Kgs
  • Manufactured by: AZUD


Slotted discs 
The disc is a flat ring, grooved on both sides and made of plastic material. The different models of discs on the market differ among themselves because of the materials used in their manufacture, their geometry and dimensions, as well as the characteristics of their grooved channels. 
The studied design of the discs and grooved channels of AZUD generates a true filtration in depth: 
Once the discs are stacked, the direction of the channels on the top face of each disc will always go in the direction opposite the channels on the underside of the next disc. Said orientation of the channels generates numerous points of intersection along the path of the water inside the disc assembly, thereby determining the level of particle retention. 
The greater or lesser quality of filtrate, defined as the greater or lesser amount and size of particles that the filter element is able to retain, depends on the geometry and size of the passage channels, the length of these and the number of points of intersection generated. 
AZUD has a wide range of filtration grades ranging from 20 microns, for the most demanding filtration levels up to 200 microns, commonly used as pre-filters.

‚ÄčAZUD HELIX SYSTEM 2"/50mm MANUAL FILTER (DISC TYPE)100micron/150mesh (17A2NRH8)



AZUD HELIX SYSTEM is the filtration range based on minimum maintenance and maximum filtration safety. AZUD HELIX System. Clogging retarding device. Optimization of performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance work.


  • AZUD HELIX SYSTEM: Clogging delay device. Optimization of performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance work. 
  • FILTRATION WITH DISCS. MAXIMUM SAFETY: Its studied design and manufacturing guarantee a long life, resistance and quality of filtration. High filtering surface. Degrees of filtration from 100 to 400 micron. 
  • MODULARITY. Versatility, compatibility, easy maintenance. The modular system allows a wide range of possibilities with a minimum number of components. 
  • UNDER MAINTENANCE. No need for tools. Maximum resistance, without moving parts susceptible to wear.
  • EXCLUSIVE BUTTERFLY SYSTEM of closing of the filter element, which allows an easy decompression of the stack of disks for its cleaning. Convenient handling and, in turn, prevents accidental loss of discs. 

Additional information 
The water entering the filter meets the propeller causing a helical and centrifugal movement that moves the particles away from the discs. 

This results in a lower frequency and intensity of maintenance, with the consequent saving of water. 

Through the disks the process of deep filtration is carried out.



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