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Levity Crop Science Lono K 20 Litres (NPK Fertilizer 15:0:7, Sta


  • Model: LonoK 20L
  • Shipping Weight: 25Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Levity Crop Science Ltd. UK

Levity Crop Science Lono K 20 Litres (NPK Fertilizer 15:0:7, Stabilised Amine Nitrogen, Reproduction System Growth Booster, Plant Energy Booster, High Yield Fertilizer, Plant Stress Reliever, Flowering Booster, Fruiting Booster, High Production Fertiliser, Hydroponics Booster, Penggalak Tumbuh Hidroponik ) 

Lono is a smart fertiliser that focuses the plant on reproductive growth (flowers, fruit, roots and tubers) encouraging reproductive growth, rather than the vegetative growth stimulated by conventional N fertilisers. Lono uses Levity’s LimiN chemistry to hold nitrogen in the amine form which improves photosynthesis, root growth and yield.

Key Benefits

Increased flower and fruit and tuber numbers
Improved fruit and tuber size
More even size distribution
Improved growth during stress
Better fruit quality
Transplant establishment
Increased Root Growth
Plant Bloom Reproduction System Developer

Limin technology makes Lono more efficient
This is where Lono, the world’s most advanced nitrogen fertiliser can help. Lono is powered by unique LimiN chemistry developed by Levity to hold the form as amine – ensuring most of the N ends up in the crop, giving good growth with small inputs.

Growth in the right place
With conventional nitrogen, growers have to be careful; too much and the crop gets leggy and quality drops. With Lono the growth is in the right place. Growers see shorter, bushier plants with a higher fruit load and less quality problems. Levity’s research shows that Lono significantly improves growth habit giving higher yields in fruit, vegetable and potato crops.

More efficient metabolism
We feed crops nitrogen to get growth, but plants must use energy to process and assimilate it. The more efficiently that plants can turn nitrogen into growth (using less carbon from the air), the better, particularly when the crop is stressed as access to CO2 is reduced under stress conditions.

Lono is the result of a huge amount of research into the science of nitrogen assimilation, which is why it is trusted by farmers around the world to improve yield and quality.

Dosage: 3ml per liter, can apply as soil drench on root zone or foliar spray in low light condition, apply biweekly on plant.
Dosage for paddy rice (Padi) 4-10 litres per hectare, apply once 2-4 weeks time.

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