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Growth Technology Grower Pack Hydroponic& Fertigation Nutrient


  • Model: GT Grower Pack
  • Shipping Weight: 53Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Growth Technology

Growth Technology Grower Pack Hydroponic & Fertigation Nutrient  50kg


  • Customize hydroponic and fertigation (dripping) fertiliser for different cash crop and fruit trees
  • Require water sample from farm water source to give precise nutrient for specific crop
  • Order lead time take 45-55 days deliver to S.E.A. countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
  • Over 30 years experience of manufacturing crop specific and water source specific hydroponic and fertigation nutrients.
  • Grower Pack nutrient has been use in worldwide fruit tree mass cultivation and cash crops cultivation.
  • Make of pure mineral salts
  • Highly soluble in water
  • Made in the United Kingdom



Growth Technology nutrient solutions are formulated to provide the exact profile of mineral nutrition required by a specific crop.

Solutions are available for most commercial crops and for all forms of Hydroponic cultivation including NFT and RockWool.

We prefer to have a sample of customer’s water so that we can tailor the formulation as accurately as possible.


Grower Packs contain two packs of salts, the A pack and the B pack. Total weight is around 50 kilos  ( 2 x 25).  The two packs are used to mix two bins of liquid nutrient concentrate.

Two plastic containers that hold at least 200 Litres each are required.

  1. Mark bins clearly A and B using a waterproof marker pen. Also make a clear mark at the 200 Litre level on each bin.
  2. Place both bins on a firm level surface close to a tap or hose.
  3. Half fill both bins with clean tap water.
  4. Add the contents of Pack A to bin A. Top up with water to the 200 Litre mark stirring vigorously until fully dissolved.
  5. Add Pack B to bin B and top up to the 200 Litre mark, stirring until fully dissolved.

Your stock solutions are now ready for use. ALWAYS stir stock solutions thoroughly before use.  A short length of clean plastic pipe should be kept handy for EACH bin.


Packs can of course be made up in multiples, one pack per 200 Litres.




  1. Fill the main tank with clean water.
  2. Add EQUAL quantities of A and B liquid concentrate to the tank, mixing thoroughly until the desired conductivity is reached. Add A & B solutions separately and stir main tank well in between additions.
  3. Adjust the pH to the range 5.8 to 6.3 with either Phosphoric acid to bring the pH down or Potassium hydroxide solution to bring the pH up.

pH All Growth Technology nutrients are formulated to function best at a pH of around 6. pH can be monitored by meters or test strips and controlled by the addition of acid or base solutions as appropriate. All these items are available from Growth Technology, please contact us for more information.


CONDUCTIVITY The “strength” of a Hydroponic nutrient solution is measured by the amount of electricity the solution will conduct. The stronger the solution the more electricity it will conduct and hence it has a higher electrical conductivity (EC). Crops vary greatly in the EC required to grow them. Please consult Growth Technology for recommended EC’s for your  crop.


Conditions of Supply.

All materials used in the manufacture of Grower Packs are of suitable quality. Great care and attention is directed to their formulation and mixture. However, as we have no control over their subsequent storage, handling or use, nor over the variables of system, application or climate that may affect their performance, all conditions and warranties, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality of fitness for any purpose of our goods,  are excluded. No responsibility can be accepted by Growth Technology for any failure in performance or damage or injury arising from their storage or use.

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