2017 May 14th Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) for sale.

Malaysia PKS (Palm Kernel Shell)  offer. 

Term : Ex-PORT Pasir Gudang (Johor) Warehouses, no loading to vessel

Port of Loading: Port Pasir Gudang

Price : USD 70.00

Tonnage per month : 5,000  –  20,000 Metric Tonnes

Validity : 2 months from May 2017



Growth Technology Chilli Focus (aka Baja Cili yang Terunggul )

Chilli Focus 5L

A successful trial of chilli production has been carried out at home, mimic the large scale chilli production at farm! Now everyone can grow chillies at home! (Applicable to Southeast Asia region)


    • A precise formulation for optimal performance of chillies and peppers in pot, growbags or in the open ground.
    • Manufactured from pure mineral salts, enriched with complex organic plant acids and pure concentrated extracts of kelp.
    • With all 14 essential nutrients for healthy plants and abundant harvest.
    • Made with care in the United Kingdom

This is true great news for Chilli grower in Southeast Asia, we are great chilli consumer all the times, growing chilli can be very easy with Growth Technology Chilli Focus. Just grow chilli in a greenhouse or with cover net, add Chilli Focus weekly with 5ml plus one liter tap water, till flowering time change to 10ml a liter on nutrient mixing, water daily. Within 6- 8 weeks you should see flowers blooming or if you lucky you will get your chillies hanging.  This method is tested at residential area in Kuala Lumpur area. Do avoid heavy sunlight or heavy rain area, with net cover on a open field is the best option. In our trial with Growth Technology Chilli Focus, we never use a single drop of pesticide, we just use insect net cover to prevent the white flies attack.

Nitrozyme 300ml

However, I do suggest adding some Nitrozyme solution  biweekly as a booster for the chilli plant, it will help the plant grow stronger and resist any illness or diseases. The Growth Technology Nitrozyme has a very strong effect on chilli seedling, the seedling reaction to addition of Nitrozyme is very shift.




To purchase the above mentioned products, please click Chilli Focus and Nitrozyme.

Chilli 1

Chilli trees that is about 3 month old, planted in April 2016, now July are having their second crops.

Chilli 2

The same batch of chilli plant, thriving in a insect nest covered environment.

Turned red after 2-3 weeks waiting, fruit is nice, crunchy and very spicy!









IONIC Hydro Grow 1L

IONIC Hydro Grow – Vegetative Stage

Growth Technology IONIC Hydroponics Nutrient available in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia! 

Great news ! GT Ionic Hydroponics and Soil Nutrient now available in Southeast Asia Market.

  • IONIC is advanced hydroponics nutrient solution that require no mixing like previous product (A+B)
  • IONIC also suitable for fertigation and irrigation method use on soil, coco, rock wool and farm land.
  • Come in easy to use Grow formula , Bloom formula and PK Boost formula, size available in 1 Litres , 5 Litres and 20 Litres.

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Growth Technology AquaBurst

Growth Technology AquaBurst

AquaBurst was designed specifically for plants grown in pots or containers of soil, coco, and other solid media, to solve a problem that many growers are unaware of, namely the uneven wetting of all these Aquaburst 1Lhorticultural media. Small dry areas in the pot can rapidly become resistant to wetting and remain dry even when the container is re-watered. Water applied from above whether by drippers or by hand will always seek the easiest and most well-travelled route downwards.

Water is attracted to areas of moisture and will not travel sideways into the dry soil areas very easily. This effect can dramatically reduce the volume of soil and nutrients that are available to the roots. Combating this will have a positive effect on growth rates and on crop performance.

The benefit of AquaBurst

  • Regular use of AquaBurst will ensure healthy, unimpeded root growth and optimal plant performance. Root hair growth whilst using Aquaburst is vastly improved and allows the plant to utilise all the available nutrients.

Aquaburst Leaflet

  • Add AquaBurst to the water or nutrient solution regularly to ensure that moisture and nutrients are delivered throughout the growing medium, and that roots have constant access to the entire volume of soil.
  • Hydroponic market strength with a dose rate of 1ml/l.

These images show the results immediately and 25 minutes after watering. It is clear that AquaBurst has an impressive ability to lower the surface tension of a liquid, which helps it to spread across a larger surface.

Aquaburst Leaflet 2

Foliar Organic Fertilizer ETG 25

Introduction to the Advance Foliar Organic Fertilizer ETG 25

ETG 25 is a highly effective foliar fertilizer for all plant, agriculture crops, horticulture produce and ornamental plant and flowers.

IMG_20160120_154131ETG 25 is an organic foliar fertilizer made up of mainly calcium carbonated, magnesium carbonate and seabird Guano. Blended and go through a particle micronization process that creates an extra fine and highly energized particle. Once the mixture is mix with water and spray on plant leaf surface, it will immediately absorbed by the plant into leaf stomata and the release of carbon dioxide through the water medium will be taken up by the plant for photosynthesis activities. Thus photosynthesis rate will be directly increase after the ETG 25 foliar application, since carbon dioxide in the atmosphere  is considered a trace gas, constituted about 0.04% (400 parts per million) of the air, but it is essential for plant uptake as energy generator. ETG 25 formulation also will keep the stomata to close for longer time in case of water shortage, less water evaporation on the leaf surface will reduce the water uptake from the roots. Micronutrients and trace elements in ETG 25 such as manganese is essential to the plant health being. The seabird Guano is to replace synthetic NPK and serve as an effective bioorganic to enhance what ETG can do for the plant.



  • Improves crop yields, quality and storage properties
  • Accelerates growth and intensifies green coloration
  • Increase resistance, growth and vitality
  • Enhances the supply of essential trace elements to the plants
  • Reduces the water requirement
  • Enhances plant resistance against drought, frost, insects pests and fungal infection.
  • Enhances plant Supply with essential micronutrients.
  • On mixing with amino acids as nitrogen source, the Ca and Mg are bound as chelate complexes leading to their better transport and metabolization.
  • Especially the metabolization of Mg informing Chlorophyll is increased and so also the degree of photosynthesis.
  • Recommended by European Community for organic farming according to EWG 2092/91.


  • Do not overdose
  • Store in dry place

ETG 25 – Calcium carbonate from selected natural limestone deposits with micronutrients – readily taken up by the plant.

64% CaCO3 calcium carbonate

5% MgCO3 magnesium carbonate

40% alkaline constituents (expressed as CaO- Calcium Oxide)

0.4% Fe iron

1.5% N total nitrogen

0.8% P2O5 phosphate

0.5% K2O potassium

For use as a foliar fertilizer on arable and pasture land as well as in green houses, forestry and horticulture.

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

Suitable for use in organic farming according to Council Regulation (EG) Nr.834/2007- European Community


Instructions for use:

There are basically three different times at which  ETG 25 can be applied:

  • At the beginning of foliation
  • At the time of flowering and
  • During the period when fruit is growing

ETG 25 may be used once or several times, at most every 3-4 weeks, separately or in cETG 25 Organic Foliar Fertilizerombination with a plant protection agent. Minimum dosage 1kg/ha (0.3-0.5% water suspension [300-500g of ETG 25 per 100 liters of water] [3 gram – 5 gram per liter of water). A pH of 6-10 must be strictly adhered to in the spray mixture. It can be applied using any agriculture sprayer with agitation or hand operated sprayer.

Recommended applications:

Grain : 2 applications – the first when (2) 3-5 tillers have appeared (with winter grain always in late autumn), the second after appearance of the last leaf.

Rice : 2, max. 3rd  applications – at 21-28 day intervals, starting 15 days after sowing.

Soybean: 2 applications – the first on leaves at the 9th/10th node, the second at nine or more side shoots.

Potatoes: 2 applications – 15 days after first foliation and again after a further 21 days.

Sugar Beet: 2 applications – the first between the 4th and 6th  leaf and again 3-4 weeks later.

Maize: 2 applications – the first between 4th and 6th leaf, the second at 10th leaf.

Salad crops & vegetables: 2 applications – the first at bedding out, the second 28 days later.

Tomatoes: 3, max 4 applications – at 28 days interval, starting with second leaf or on bedding out.

Fruit farming/Ornamental woody plants: 2, max 3 applications – at 28 days internals, starting approximately 15days after the first foliation.

ETG 25 Increases Plants Resistance to Drought

Once it gets hot plants increase transpiration. The concentration of solved products and so the osmotic pressure in the intercellular compartment increases, water transports from the closing cells around the stomata pore into the intercellular compartment to dilute its solution. The closing cells shrink. As they have elastic membrane in the middle, but less elastic one at the ends, these get tightly around the pore and close it.

Due to shortage of water and stop of CO2 supply the photosynthesis breaks down, plant become wilt and stunted. This is counteracted by ETG 25 as follows:

  • ETG 25 increases the concentration of solved products and so the osmotic pressure in the intercellular compartment especially after its transforming into Ca ions and CO2, so that the stomata closes faster
  • The closing of the stomata is accelerated by the action of Ca2+ ions that enhances the formation of the hormone ABA (Abscisic Acid) which transports the signal to the closing cell of the stomata.
  • On closing the stomata the plant hold back the water necessary for the photosynthesis.
  • Despite closed stomata, CO2 is still supplied to the plant by ETG 25 inside, so that Photosynthesis still going on.


Effect of ETG 25 on Plants  Resistance to Frost

  • Water in plant cells contains the different metabolism products such as carbohydrates, organic acids and different nitrogen compounds. These lead to lowering its freezing temperature below 0 Celsius so that plants survive during frost or cold weather.
  • Due to increasing the photosynthesis by ETG 25, the concentration of the metabolic products is enhanced.
  • The metabolic process (accompanied by reaction heat) is extended taking place even after beginning the frost.
  • Both factors act as “anti freezing agent” .


ETG 25 Effect in Plants Resistance to Fungi

  • This effect is not yet explained completely. However, it is known that fungi activity is sensitively related to the pH of the milieu, where a variation of some tenths of a pH unit could be a deciding factor.
  • Very probably the decreasing pH on forming the Hydrogen Carbonate at night defends plants against fungi attack. This action is already reported in some papers.


Aquagrid View 2


TenCate™ develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce
costs, and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.


Trapia Malaysia Sdn Bhd entered the aquaculture industry in 2007 with one goal: to become the world leader in providing high quality, sustainable and traceable Tilapia. Every single fillet produced by Trapia is traceable and genetically verifiable. This is accomplished by using natures own tag – DNA. This process is revolutionizing the aquaculture industry and allows consumers the ultimate in food traceability. Trapia is headquartered in Ipoh in the State of Perak, Malaysia. Their eco-friendly farm
operates in the pristine rainforest-fed, fresh water lakes of Tasik Temenggor of the Perak
River system. This unique, pollution-free, grow out environment enables Trapia to produce a safe,
sustainable product of the highest quality that exceeds global aquaculture standards. In order to achieve their goal of being the world leader in sustainable tilapia production, Trapia required the highest quality and most advanced equipment for their operations. When it came to cage netting, they
investigated every possibility currently in use or available. Tilapia are micro-biological feeders that
graze on netting. Because of their sharp teeth, they damage the net fibers each time
they bite until the point the net strength no longer provides a safe and secure environment.
Trapia also required a netting that was more resistant to bio-fouling, had
increased strength and would last longer compared to traditional materials used for
aquaculture, such as traditional nylon.


Aquagrip Diagram
After researching a wide array of cage netting, the Aquagrid® Containment System was selected, as it met and exceeded the objectives set out by Trapia management for the operations. Aquagrid® cages are completely different than those constructed of nylon or polyester. Aquagrid® netting material is a semirigid, PVC coated polyester material. It’s special design makes it up to 100 percent stronger than nylon or polyester. Increased strength is only one benefit of the Aquagrid® containment system.
Many operations employing Aquagrid® cages have eliminated the use of antifouling, as the unique PVC coating makes it difficult for bio-fouling to attach itself the cage. The reduction of bio-fouling allows for better water flow through the cages and increased fish health. Trapia understood in order to sustain their
business model the pristine waters they operate in would have to remain unspoiled. The Aquagrid® containment system includes the LiftUP® Mortality Retrieval System which is utilized by Trapia with each of their Aquagrid ® cages. The LiftUP® System is designed to fit the special conical bottoms of the
Aquagrid® cages and used to collect mortalities, and when required, unconverted feed and feces, which are then pumped to the surface for disposal. The implementation of the Aquagrid® containment system will ensure the waters Trapia operate in are kept clean and safe for future generations of fish.


Aquagrid close up 2
In November of 2008, Trapia began installing the first 20 cages at their new grow out site. As explained by COO Alejandro Tola, “this is where the real value of working with Ten-Cate™ came through as they not only were very involved in cage design and construction to suit our needs by drawing on their years of experience, they also arranged for a specialized technical consultant to install and train our people in cage operations and were on site to ensure proper deployment, they did much more then just supply the nets.”


Aquagrid Diagram 2

Alejandro Tola is very impressed with the performance of the Aquagrid® cages since their installation in 2008. “Although tilapia grazing behavior is definitely contributing to the lack of biofouling in the inner side of the net, I trust the smooth surfaces of the material and its plastic nature contributes to the reduction of organic matter build up and the presence of parasite forms in the system. The nets are very easy to clean by simple brushing.” said Alejandro. “it is an area that I just do not have to worry about, a great system and great people to work with. We must say that the design and finishing of the cages has been carried out perfectly” He also added “The strength of the material is definitely keeping away and avoiding breaking from carnivorous species in the lake. The logistics consequences of this are huge.

Diver’s man-hours are reduced to a minimum because we don’t need to carry out net inspection
often, just once between cycles”. The advantages of Aquagrid® cages coupled with Trapia’s ability to trace every tilapia harvested from their sites and unwavering dedication of using only the highest quality fingerlings has brought them one step closer.


For more information of the Aquagrid Net please email to vksl001@gmail.com




Nets Were Designed for Today’s Fish Farms.

Traditional nylon and polyester nets are designed to catch fish, not contain them. Aquagrid™ semi-rigid
mesh is the first net created specifically for the needs of today’s fish farming. Aquagrid™ nets have the strength, low maintenance, and predator protection needed to lower your cost per pound of production.

Proven Stronger Than Conventional Netting

ASTM testing indicates that Aquagrid™ semi-rigid netting is up to 100% stronger than comparable nylon netting.* In addition, its unique PVC coating dramatically reduces cleaning costs, and its longevity means that overall costs per cage are much lower than
nylon nets. Aquagrid™ nets are available in three apeture sizes and have a strength rating designed for low to medium energy environments. *Aquagrid™ is a grid product, has no knots, and is tested using
internationally recognized ASTM 6637 for grid materials.

Accredited In Norway

Noomas Sertifisering, an accreditation company authorized by the Norwegian government, issued the NS 9415 certificate to manufacturer of Aquagrid™ nets, which allows the nets to be used in all square and circular cage classes of aquaculture operations in Norway.The Norwegian government created
these standards and certificates to increase overall integrity of the fish farm operation, with a focus on prevention of farmed fish escapes. The certification addresses the quality of the nets, the design of the
cages, and the installation and operation of the fish farm sites. In addition, the NS 9415 certification will be used as a standard model for other countries’ aquaculture qualification programs.

Aquagrid Maintenance Cost Comparison

Ten Advantages of Aquagrid™ Nets

1. Strength. The construction method for Aquagrid™ netting is entirely different than conventional netting. Aquagrid™ nets can be up to 100% stronger than traditional nylon nets and are manufactured especially for the dynamics of fish farming applications.

2. Reduced Biofouling. The smooth surface significantly reduces biofouling, because microorganisms can’t attach as well as with nylon. Your husbandry maintenance costs go down.

3. UV Resistance. Special UV-resistant coated surface is designed to hold up year after year. The coating also prevents some species (cod, tilapia, and sea bream) from pulling at loose strands and fraying the net. It also eliminates water absorption, which keeps the Aquagrid™ net lighter.

4. Easier Cleaning. Aquagrid™ nets are designed to be cleaned in the water (where regulations allow). Microorganisms are easily removed with rotary cleaners or high pressure water spray. In-water cleaning is just one way Aquagrid™ nets reduce labor costs. In addition, Aquagrid™ nets do not require an antifoulant coating. That not only saves money—it’s better for the environment.

5. Better Predation Protection. Tough polyester fiber is woven into semi-rigid bands, so predators like seals and sea lions find it extremely difficult to bite through. Losses from “break-ins” are greatly reduced.

6. Better Water Flow. Tight fiber bundles and the smooth PVC coating reduce drag for better water flow, improved oxygen levels, and less net movement which reduces stress on the fish. Handling can be simplified so less manual labor is involved.

7. Simple Fabrication. Traditional lacing/machine sewing or high pressure hot air welding are options. Bonds between net sections can be stronger than nylon. Repairs are also easy and can be done in
or out of the water. They can even be done with hog rings or zip-ties.

8. Grazing Action Protection. The coating also prevents fiber deterioration from the grazing action of microbiological feeders, so your Aquagrid™ net lasts longer.

9. Delicate Species Protection. The smooth supple surface helps protect delicate species from injury or stress, so you don’t lose growth.

10. Longer Life. Aquagrid™ nets last longer, so your overall costs
are reduced.


For more information on Asia regional sales , please contact vksl001@gmail.com


  • Yale Corporation (original a lock maker), now acquired by ASSA ABLOY Group has provided consumer a safe (vault if you like to call it ) opted for soft data like CDs, USB drive, data storage device, or peripherals like computer chips, SD RAM, memory chips, SIM card stuff like that. Something that internet Cloud could not save for you during a fire or break in. This safe could stand one hour intense fire for data, safe is made in Korea. For more information and specs, please go to Yale Data Safe. (www.atr.com.my)




VERIBOR® Glass Suction Lifter, Bohle Germany 100kg load

VERIBOR® Vacuum Cup, 3 cups, aluminum by Bohle Germany

Universal Vacuum Cup for handling all kinds of loads. Makes working with unwieldy parts quicker and more effective. Suitable for all materials with smooth, flat, airtight surfaces such as glass, marble, metal, coated wood, acrylic board and plastic.

P/S: Trusted brand for glass installer.



Carrying capacity: 220 lb (100 kg), 3 suction cups Ø 4 3/4″ (120 mm)


For purchasing information please go to Glass Suction Lifter

Westlab RP-90PT Plastic Rotary Drum Pump for Beverage Dispensing

Characteristics of this plastic drum pump is rugged construction, made of Polypropylene, durable mechanism,  high productivity output (280 cc per rotation), non-corrosive parts, food grade , suction pipes is collapsible to suit a tall 200 liter tank, 100 liter or 50 liter container, pump is collapsible for easy storage, light weight.

This new type of plastic rotary drum pump is very suitable for use in food & beverage industry for dispensing alcohol, fruit juices, beverages, water, sauces, oils, vinegar, vegetable oils, animal fat (warm & soluble), chili sauces, tomato sauces, teriyaki sauces, oyster sauces, apple cider, hot sauces, saline water , citric acid, carbonated water, fermented solution or liquid from a 200 liters drum or tank. Very suitable for small to medium scale food and beverage distribution company operation.

For other dispensing use, Westlab RP-90PT can be use for dispensing shampoo, body shampoo, cleaning solution, consumer detergent, industrial acid, alkali solution, degreaser, alcohol, industrial alcohol, ethanol, pesticides, cement additive liquid, enzyme solution, battery water, distilled solution from a 200 liters drum or 1000 liters tank. It is great for distributor for dispensing solution from bulk container to a consumer packaging.


For purchasing information, please go to Westlab RP-90PT Plastic Rotary Drum Pump