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Multi-Purpose Camera Waterproof Pouch MP14


  • Model: Hyper Gear MP14
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Hyper-Gear

Multi-Purpose Camera Waterproof Pouch
Multipurpose waterproof pouch for your camera, iPod, mobile devices or other important belongings. It is suitable to waterproof your camera for photo shooting under water.

  • Suitable for camera and storing valuables
  • 100% Waterproof digital camera bags
  • Floats on water
  • Submersible 19ft/6m
  • Dust, sand, and dirt proof
  • Supplied with neck lanyard and moisture sensitive desiccant sachet
  • Fits digital cameras with / without a telescopic zoom lens
  • Fits all gadgets up to circumferences 7.9"/20cm, 4.8"/ 12cm long
  • Colors Choice available in black, white and yellow.

Frequent Ask Questions

Q: Will I get good quality photo with the plastic?
A: Yes. The plastic is optically-clear. It is just like taking a photograph through a window; make sure the plastic is clean and hold the camera lens closer to the lens window of the pouch to reduce the reflection.

Q: Can I use flash of my camera inside the pouch?
A: Yes. When using flash with the pouch, make sure the case is tight over the flash to reduce the reflection that might be caused by the optically-clear lens window.

Q: Can I record underwater video, and is it recorded with sound?
A: Yes. You can record underwater video with sound.

Q: Can I answer phone call with the pouch?
A: Yes. The sound is able to transmit both ways from and to the devices inside the pouch.

Q: What can I put into the pouch?
A: Basically you can put anything inside to the pouch to make it waterproof (as long as it is able to fit into the pouch). Certainly common sense dictates that we should try to eliminate content with sharp edge that might damage the pouch.

Q: Will the pouch go yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight?
A: No. All our case material including the optically-clear lens window is UV-Stabilized, so they will not go yellow even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Q. Can my camera with lens that zoom out fit?
A: Yes definitely. We have pouch that can fit short out lens (up to 2cm) and long lens (up to 3cm).

Q. Will my gadget fit into the waterproof pouch?
A: Hypergear waterproof pouch can fit any gadget that is up to circumferences 7.9 inch / 20cm, 4.8inch / 12cm long. This side can fit most of the new compact camera and PDA, mobile phone, wallet, IPOD and etc.

Q. How deep can it go?
A: The pouch is factory tested to submersible up to 19ft / 6m, which is ample for snorkelling. For diving, there might be difficult to operate the devices caused by the pressure of the water.

Q. Can I control my device properly and what about the touch screen control?
A: Certainly, all control is fully functioned and touch screen controls work perfectly inside the optically-clear and soft plastic.

Q. Do I have to test the pouch myself?
Before any of the waterproof pouch / bag are taken in the water they should all be tested by sealing something worthless inside, maybe some tissue paper, then immerse it underwater and squeeze the pouch lightly, this has the effect of putting it under pressure.

Obviously no streams of air bubbles should be seen but some air will be trapped inside and around the flap of the pouch. Testing should occur before you enter the water every time. Should it be streams of air bubbles seen in the water, stop using the pouch immediately.

Q. Tips for using the pouch?
  • When using the Camera Pouch, it is advised to remove the strap from the camera as it may fall in the way of the controls of the camera or the lens itself.
  • Before opening the pouch after use, shake out excess water around the mouth and open in a downward position, and make sure the seal are clean, free from sand and impediments.
  • Wash under the tap after use.

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